1:1 Unlimited Laser Sales Coaching

Every human being who is alive and breathing on this planet has blind spots—attitudes and behaviors that trip us up and keep us from getting to or being where we really want to be.

For those of us who work in sales, blind spots keep us from getting in the door in the first place, creating long-term client relationships, or closing a sale at all.

But what if you could successfully address your blind spots? Like Lasik surgery that removes cataracts from your eyes?

Best of all, what if you could accomplish this in just 20 minutes of Unlimited Laser Sales Coaching? Focus 100% on the sales problem or challenge that you are facing at that very moment and solve it?

For a limited time, I’m offering a 1:1 Unlimited Laser Coaching Program to help you see and address your blind spots—20 minutes of UNLIMITED Laser Coaching anytime for six months, as often as you need, for only $997.

In our 20-minute sessions, I will Laser Coach you on any urgent sales issues you have. For example:

  • Prepare for Closing Call
  • Discuss Sales Strategy
  • Learn How to Approach Cold Calls
  • Prepare for a Presentation
  • Prepare for Referral Calls
  • Practice PowerPoint Presentation
  • Review PPT Slides
  • Crafting a Meeting Invite
  • How to Resurrect a Dead Lead (Is it Dead Yet?)
  • And 100 Other Sales Issues that Appear in your Blind Spot

In my exclusive 1:1 Unlimited Laser Sales Coaching program, that’s exactly what we do—zero in on your biggest issues, your toughest problems, and work through them so they don’t trip you up anymore. The program includes 20 minutes of Unlimited Laser Sales Coaching for 6 months, as often as you need it, all for only $997.

Unlimited = there is no limit to the number of sessions, as long as you complete the action steps you’re given at the end of each session.

Laser = Very specific coaching, straight and to the point, totally focused on solving your issue.

Coaching = my experience and expertise put to use to find a solution for your sales challenge.

There is no shortage of blind spots in sales; I know because I’ve tripped over every single one you can possibly imagine in my long sales career—I even named the top 10 blind spots for business leaders and wrote a book about them called Mastering Large Sales Opportunities.

The top 3 blind spots for someone in sales are:

  1. Being a hunter vs. being a farmer (knowing how you’re wired to make sales)
  2. Not understanding your prospect and how they make a decision
  3. Talking to the wrong person (wasting your precious time and energy)

You can sign up for an initial 6 months and then walk away, or you can renew for another 6 months. The idea behind this coaching program is to give you real-time support and answers for your toughest sales opportunities with a seasoned professional who knows what you’re going through and has learned how to address the blind spots.

To get started, simply click on the PayPal link below. You’ll be directed to my PayPal page, and once you’ve signed up for 6 months, you’ll receive a thank-you email with a link to my Calendly page, where you can schedule your first 20-minute session.