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Mastering Large Sales

For Sales Leaders Responsible For Managing And Securing Multi-Million Dollar Complex Sales Opportunities


Discover How To Make The Critical Shift From Tactical To Strategic Thinking!
As a seasoned sales leader, you’ve worked hard to achieve the position you are in at your company, probably working your way up the corporate ladder through multiple companies and positions. You are among the elite sales leaders of your industry, having developed a set of skills few achieve.

Odds are those skills have served you well, especially when you can get in front of a decision maker. But you’re also well aware that despite the fact you’ve got a great product or service, very often sales skills aren’t enough to win the large and complex multimillion-dollar accounts.

Your skills have served you well, but oftentimes sales skills alone aren’t enough to manage and win large and complex multimillion-dollar accounts. There is a shift from tactical to strategic thinking that needs to happen within you, so that you avoid the pitfalls that could derail the opportunities you’re responsible for bringing to your company.

In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • Your real core focus and the value of keeping it in mind
  • How to avoid getting stuck in communication loops with lower occupants on your client’s totem pole
  • How the sales game has become more about trusting personalities than ever before
  • How to convey that you do understand the issues, needs and challenges of your client’s organization
  • The value of treating the sales process as an educational process



Vernon Brokke is The Most Trusted Authority To Sales Leaders Focused On Winning Large & Complex Accounts. For decades, he’s been focused on the growth of companies he works with, whether they’re IBM, Cisco, emerging enterprises or the individual franchises he’s owned.

Vernon has served as senior account and team sales manager for some of the most well-known technology companies in the country over the last four decades including IBM, Juniper and Cisco.

Over the last few years, Vernon has devoted most of his time to advising business owners, managers and sales personnel on what they need to do, and how they need to think, in their quest to land high-value accounts.

If you’re a sales leader in your organization who is responsible for managing and securing multimillion-dollar complex sales opportunities, when you get in front of a decision-maker, they’re usually impressed with you and the solutions you have to offer.

Oftentimes however, sales skills alone aren’t enough to manage and win large and complex multimillion-dollar accounts. Vernon Brokke has made it his mission to help sales leaders make the shift from tactical to strategic thinking necessary to land large accounts.

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“Organized, enthusiastic, and meticulous… Vernon’s skills, and more importantly his ability to take care of his customers, set him apart from his peers. Throughout multiple efforts, I’ve relied on him to provide not only outstanding technical service but also to ensure that our organization’s interest was met. He exceeded my expectations each and every time!

As the Chief of Operations at DOD, I knew I could count on Vernon to provide me with the right solution each and every time. A true professional; one of the best I’ve worked with throughout my career!”

Anthony W. Stout

Founder & CEO, Success Now, & Former Chief of Operations, Joint Interoperability Test Command, Department of Defense

“Working with Vernon in our sales efforts were a breeze! He was always prepared to advance the sale at the correct pace because of his ability to listen, take notes and deliver a solid message of the solutions we would provide based on the client’s needs.

Vernon is the most trustworthy, honest and genuine sales leader I have ever worked with in my 35 years in this industry.”

Stan Easparro

System Engineer, NETSCOUT Atlanta

“Vernon is a consummate professional; he has been one of the most successful sales advisors I have worked with throughout my career. He is a solid leader and a man of integrity.

Vernon is also the most diligent student of professional sales I have ever known. He was always listening to a new book on selling techniques to improve his craft so he could help others to improve theirs and win large accounts!”

Tony Keyes

Former Senior Sales Executive, Fortune 500 and Start-Up Companies, Virginia

“With this book, Vernon’s readers and clients are treated to the rare privilege of peering into the mind of an expert in the complex world of complex and technology driven sales.

My first meeting with Vernon was impressive and invigorating. I was building a sales team, and Vernon was recommended to me as a highly respected, no-nonsense sales professional who had already been instrumental in building ROLM Corporation into a valuable brand, which would ultimately be acquired by IBM.

Vernon exceeded my high expectations as an intellect and strategist who not only simplified complexity but also challenged me to act. I enthusiastically recommended him to a friend who was starting a new venture called StrataCom Corporation. Vernon provided the fledgling startup a valuable sales cornerstone. He contributed to consistent sales growth in the USA Mid-Atlantic Region, a remarkable 10-year run of never missing a target, enabling StrataCom to succeed with its IPO and its acquisition by Cisco Systems, for over $4 billion.

In ensuing years I enjoyed, learned and profited from countless interactions and a few more joint ventures with Vernon, always to my delight and my benefit. He a most knowledgeable and reliable consultant on the topic of complex selling challenges and opportunities and also a valued friend who gives great guidance on life itself. Read, learn and enjoy!”

Mike Levender

DXC Technology Account Manager Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Maryland

I’ve worked deals with some of the biggest organizations in the world, These have included industry giants such as General Electric, Mellon Bank, Washington Gas, the USGS and the Department of Defense.

I’m of the belief that sales is a kind of educational position. I see the account manager as a go-between with the company on one side and the client on the other. It’s their job to make sure that each side is a good fit for the other and to shepherd the deal through the sales process, making sure both sides needs are being met.

In this game-changing book for sales leaders, you’ll discover:

  • How to overcome getting “stuck” on closing those large and complex opportunities
  • Methods for getting past the lower levels of an organization to the decision-makers – fast!
  • How and when to cut loose from opportunities that you know will never close
  • Keys to using language that doesn’t negatively trigger your prospects
  • How to foster adequate communication amongst members of your team without encouraging over-dependence on you